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You will want to layer your clothing so you can adjust them for your comfort. Make sure your camera/video camera is charged and has lots of memory. This will help you get all those great pictures for holiday cards and photo albums. We suggest you bring sunglasses.
” You never understand the true beauty of Mt. Denali until you’re up at 12,000 feet!. The Mt. Denali Tour was the highlight of my Alaskan vacation. I can’t recommend it highly enough to other travelers. David Hick’s and N2 Alaska made our experience a once in a lifetime memory.”

– David L.

Experience the real Alaskan lifestyle. Only about a 20 minute flight from Talkeetna will get you to our remote cabin at the base of Denali (McKinley). Here you are removed from the noise, hustle and bustle of the cars, traffic and crowds. There is a different feel here, it is your body being able to relax!

There is a great view of Denali from the cabin when the weather is good, but when the weather is down on Denali, it is often still plenty good to fly to the cabin. Relaxing at the cabin with a cup of tea, watching the trumpenter swans or taking a canoe out on the lake, are a few of the options available. Day raft trips are also available with prior planning. Experience an Alaskan adventure that is far more than a tour, it’s a lifestyle

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