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$600 / flight hour

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Fly into places that can only be reached by Alaskan bush plane. Alaska is the home of some world class “Tangle Alder”. Trying to fight your way up a mountain side of alder can be the type of experience nightmares are made of. Enjoy getting dropped off and picked up from one of the high tundra lakes of the East Talkeetna’s. Starting your hike in these highlands, puts you well above the alder. This high country area can be full of wild flowers and berries and is the area where the Caribou drift through. Often these lakes are close to a Mountain providing a good hike up with the reward of the view at the top that lets you see how huge this country is. Alaska drop off hiking is where you experience the true untouched beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

N2 Alaska offers un-guided drop off hiking charter service to anywhere you want to go in Alaska.

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