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1  hour tour – $275 per person (minimum two people)

If you are traveling by yourself or just a couple, please let us know if you would like us to try to combine you in another flight to lower your cost.
You will want to layer your clothing so you can adjust for your comfort. Make sure your camera/video camera is charged and has lots of memory. This will help you get all those great pictures for holiday cards and photo albums. We suggest you bring sunglasses.
” You never understand the true beauty of the Talkeetna Mountain Range until your up at 12,000 feet!. The Talkeetna Flightseeing Tour was the highlight of my Alaskan vacation. I can’t recommend it highly enough to other travelers. David Hick’s and N2 Alaska made our experience a once in a lifetime memory.”

– David L.

Between the Alaska Range and the coastal ranges lie the Talkeetna Mountains and to the east of them, the Wrangell Mountains. The Talkeetna’s occupy a rugged oval area about 100 miles from north to south and 70 miles from east to west. They consist of a compact group of radial ridges averaging from 6,000 to 8,800 feet in elevation.

Our N2 Talkeetna Flightseeing tours will include majestic views of Talkeetna Mountains, including Sovereign Mountain, White Knight Peak, Tyrant’s Tor, Mount Apollo, Mount Monarch, Granite Peak and Lava Mountain. Contact us today to book a Talkeetna Flightseeing tour.

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